Content Management systems have literally created a revolution in website development, allowing almost anyone to easily own a website and customize it according to his wish. The 3 most renowned software are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. This Article compares the well known CMS’s to help you find the Best Content Management System Software.

Currently, WordPress is the root for almost 23% of websites. But, Joomla and Drupal are no less than WordPress. These 3 CMS have a lot of similarities and differences.This article will brief on each CMS and will help you decide which will be best suited for you.

Is WordPress the Best Content Management System Software:

WordPress can be regarded as a school for beginners. With their easy to use interface, flexibility and security,they can be regarded the safest option for anyone new. Although they suffer a neck throttling competition, they have managed to outsmart their competitors and stay ahead by a huge margin.

Why do you have to choose WordPress?

  • Single click installation: Unlike many other companies, WP allows automated and instant installations. You don’t have to do the tedious job of setting up the environment.
  • Free:They don’t charge you a penny for their basic plans. So, for beginners who write personal blogs or own websites that do not get much traffic, it is a great advantage.
  • Customization: With innumerable choices of plugins and themes, it is very easy to customize your site and make it look like the way you want to.
  • Best support:Their support system can be regarded as one of their best features. They have a forum, where the users can post their questions. You can expect a response within minutes.

However, the only drawback with WordPress is that, there are restrictions on it’s server requirements. Sometimes low end servers make the website slow. We have a list of: Top 10 WordPress Hosting Service Providers which will help you to make a correct choice.

What about Drupal:

Drupal can be regarded as a powerful CMS with lot of open source options available. It also suggests that, you might need some technical knowledge when you go for Drupal. Some of their merits are:

  • Advanced: For people who like to play with codes and enjoy the technical complications, Drupal is best suited. Beginners have to stay away from Drupal as it is very advanced.
  • No money spent: The Drupal is available for free and you can download it from the web.
  • Performance:Drupal exhibits quite a performance and allows the page to load faster when compared to WP and Joomla.
  • Customizable:With a wide range of plugins and themes being available, you can customize your site significantly provided you have sound technical knowledge.

The problem with Drupal  is completely unfit for beginners as it demands technical knowledge.


And, Joomla:

The features of Joomla lies in between that of WordPress and Drupal. That is, neither too technical nor too simple and generic. Some of the reasons to choose Joomla are:

  • E-commerce: Joomla is best suited for commercial sites as they make it extremely easy and fast.With other CMS you might have to make lots of modifications and customizations.
  • Not too advanced:Unlike Drupal it is not too technical. Thus, people even with very less technical knowledge can handle their sites better.
  • Free: Similar to other CMS, Joomla too is available for free. However, they can’t host your sites.
  • Social Networking: Joomla helps in creating social networks at ease. There would be lot of options available for you.


Thus, to conclude our argument of the Best Content Management System Software,

  • WordPress is best suited for beginners and non-technical people.
  • Drupal is perfect for highly technical people.
  • Joomla is recommended for people who have little technical knowledge.

So, see which category you fall into and go for the Best Content Management System Software of your choice.