There are four types of hosting platforms namely dedicated servers, shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting and virtual private servers. Although most of the platforms are not exclusively for WordPress, Best Managed WordPress hosting is completely dedicated to WordPress. However, there are speculations about the cost spent in managed web hosting. This article briefs about managed web hosting and reasons the cost spent on it.

Let us consider each hosting type separately and try understanding.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting type is the least expensive type of all. However, it is best suited for beginner and those whose site does not receive much traffic. It has a lot of limitations though. For instance, since many sites will be cramped in a single server, the resources have to be shared. So, in a long run, the resources will not be sufficing. Also, the security standards and support systems of these host providers are bad and your site has to face downtime frequently.


Virtual private server (VPS):

VPS is highly recommended for sites that receive 100,00+ visitors in a month. However, again the server space has to be shared here. This causes major security because, if one site attacked, there are chances for the other sites to be attacked too. It is slightly costlier than shared hosting as it provides good scaling and a variety of tools. However, the support system does not guide in case of WordPress specific queries. So, VPS is not at all recommended for WP specific sites.


Dedicated servers:

Dedicated servers are used for hosting two or more sites that are owned by an individual or a company. It is expensive when compared to other hosting methods. Also, there are complications in setting up and installation of these servers. However, the speed, up-time and security are really good with dedicated server. Like other servers, dedicated servers are also not WordPress specific.


Best Managed WordPress hosting:

Managed WordPress hosting can be blindly trusted to be the best of all the options. They are WordPress specific and have experienced support system who can clarify any issues with WordPress. Multi-level caching is used here and this assures speed, blazing fast loading and amazing up-time. Also, there will be a security monitor for each session and this will ensure double standard security. There are amazing features like automated backups and single click restoration, free plugins, free domain name etc. The pricing of Best Managed WordPress hosting is quite high when compared to other host types. But, if you spend your money on managed hosting, every single penny will be worth it as they are the best host providers who provide WordPress specific hosting.

So, in a concluded that, although “Best managed WordPress hosting is costlier than its counterparts”, it is never wrong to invest your money on something that you will be proud of. Check out our: Top 10 WordPress Hosting Service Providers.