A2 hosting, formerly known as Iniquinet, was established in the year 2001. Their data centers are found across the globe in Asia (Singapore), US(Michigan) and Europe(Amsterdam). Although, they are not an internet phenomenon, their plans and features are way better than some premium hosting platforms. So, let’s discuss some of the prominent features of A2 WordPress Hosting:

How would you like a host that has a Unmatched Uptime?

Well, that is what A2 WordPress hosting gives you. We have experienced their services and noted that, the up-time is 99.99% and the pages load pretty fast as compared to other platforms in the same price range. Also, the speed is stable and consistent. With such speed, your website will be crowded with visitors and you can have a tremendous growth in a short span of time. Their interface is extremely easy to use with a cPanel.

Performance doesn’t matter if you don’t get a good guidance in case of issues. A2 Hosting’s support system is very friendly. They’re available 24/7/365 and you can reach them through phone, email or ticket submission. 

What about the site safety?

A2 hosting provides you with Hackscan, a free service to keep your site out of reach to hackers. Hackscan has dual firewall, efficiently defends brute force attacks, monitors your site 24/7 and scans for viruses regularly. With such high security standards, your site will be definitely safe.

Migrating from one hosting provider to another is a tedious job. But with A2 Hosting, it is really simple to move from any other hosting provider to their platform. Most of the web hosts charge big money for migrations. But, A2 Hosting provides this service for free.

What if you start using A2 WordPress hosting and you don’t find it satisfactory? Will your money go in vain?

Absolutely no. They offer a complete refund (within 30 days) if you don’t like any one of their service for any reason. However, this refund does not include registration and set-up fee.

Their plans start at $3.92/ month and there are various other plans also. However, with cheaper plans, there are few restrictions. You may not be able to get the first-class services like other users with premium plans. 

In a nutshell, we recommend A2 Hosting wholeheartedly if you need a secure, reliable and fast website.