BlueHost came into existence in the year 1996. However, they started with their Bluehost WordPress Hosting platform in 2012 and is now a proud host of around 2 Million websites. BlueHost’s main attractive feature is its pricing. It has proved to be a great alternative for those users who cannot afford expensive hosting. Their plan starts at $3.49 per month. Here are some of the features of this Host provider.

The key goal of any website developer/owner is to make it available 24/7.With BlueHost, this will be guaranteed. An average uptime of 99.4% is provided by Bluehost. In case of any errors, customized error pages will be loaded.

Is it affordable?

Of all the host providers available, BlueHost can be categorized as one of the least expensive host provider. It is not normal for a host provider to provide service at a starting price of 3.49$/month. Once you get a host, you will naturally start looking for a domain name. So, they provide free domain name which is more like an ‘icing on the cake’. 

Nowadays, storage has become a huge bottleneck with most of the host providers. BlueHost provides us with unlimited space where we can store huge data. Also, we can be completely assure of the data security.

Is Bluehost WordPress Hosting recommended by WordPress?

Only very few host providers are officially recommended by WordPress and BlueHost falls under that category. However, we do not know on what basis WordPress recommends host providers. It is notable that, the host providers suggested by WordPress are quite old, i.e., they have been in the market for 15-20 years.

Although BlueHost provides a very attractive price offer, it comes with many compromises. The loading time and support for your website can be a bit on slower side. If your website is scalable, this platform is suitable for it.

Bottom-line is that, if you are a beginner and you need a reliable, cheap host provider, BlueHost is a good choice.