Flywheel is a hosting platform that is exclusively built for web-designers, agencies and developers. It was established in the year 2012 and hence stands out from the existing old platforms. This article gives you an in-depth Flywheel hosting reviews. Of all the features, their dashboard is something to be appreciated. The dashboard is quite simple and is common for all your hosted sites.

Do you like to collaborate with other users?

Flywheel has implemented such a feature that allows you to collaborate with other others during the process of developing your site. The good thing is that, you need not share your credentials for this.

You want your site to load pages in no time? Flywheel does that for you. Their servers are fine tuned in such a way that the pages load at great speed.

Not all hosting platforms allows you to customise your configuration. Flywheel allows you to customise your future sites by saving the configuration of the existing sites. This saves lots of time when you are developing a new site and then want to use the same configuration on the other one.

Their support system is quite friendly and quick. If you have any issues, you can be assured that it will be rectified or clarified very soon.

It is a known fact that, every site has a set of target audience. So, it is essential for the site to be nearer and available to that group. For this, you should be able to choose where in the world you want to host your site. Flywheel allows you to choose the place in such a way that your website is available and closer to the target audience.

What will happen if you forgot to take a backup?

The system of Flywheel takes backup every single night. Before you make any significant changes to your website like adding any themes, plugins or install any software, you can take a backup by a single click (snapshot backup)

Is your site being monitored regularly?

The Flywheel team regularly checks for any malicious attacks or hacking. If found, the users will be notified immediately. This way, you can be assured that your site is safe and secure.

When you are a beginner, you might need a little assistance with tying the things. For such cases, they provide a staging/development site.

Final words on Flywheel Hosting reviews?

Although, it is a great place to begin with, there are some limitations in space, bandwidth and visitors. It allows only 5,000 visitors a month which is a very small number for an established website. But, if your website is new, it is a good deal. Other than this, Flywheel is the perfect platform for developers and designers starting with a basic plan of $15/month. So, it is recommended for sites that does not take up much space or bandwidth and need a secure, fast hosting platform.

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