How would you like a hosting platform that is exclusively for WordPress? Well, that is exactly what WP Engine is all about. We have in-detail WPEngine review Here. It is a solid host provider that has over 50,000 users located at 120 countries across the globe. WP has an edge over other platforms due to its best architecture, scalability, speed and security. WP was started in January 2010 and $1.2M was invested on it in 2011. It has its head office at Austin Texas (US) .Ever since its establishment, this platform has outraced almost every other host providers with its outstanding features. Some of its features are listed below.

Does it take time to load?

With technologies backing us up, we have been so accustomed to fast loading pages and none of us would prefer slow loading websites/pages. With this as the key aim, the WP engine has a cutting edge front-end technology that enables the site to load almost four to six times faster than normal. This will ensure the visitors to stick to your website. Additionally, they have made a deal with NetDNA in order to provide a stable CDN which thereby increases the speed. EverCache , one of the most scalable caching mechanism is used by WP Engine. As they use their own cache, we cannot use cache plugins. We have also received positive feedback from WPEngine reviews 2017.

Is it secure?

Security is one of the major deciding factor in choosing a host provider. WP Engine ensures security by using an adaptable intrusion detection and prevention system which blocks any malicious behaviour then and there. With WP Engine, our website always runs the recent WordPress, thus reducing the chances of security breaches. If your site is prone to hacking/spamming, they block the hacker’s IP. Their server has PHP which audits the code regularly in order to detect the possible security threats. The best thing is that, even if you get hacked, they will fix it for free.

There are high chances for us to forget taking backups. WP takes backup every day and before making any major changes. The users can also take backups with just a single click and this is known as snapshot backup. If the major updates made in the platform is not that suitable, you can always rollback to the previous version as we have our backups handy.Also,there is a one click restore point that allows to restore from backup.
We have a personal experience with their support system. You can contact them 24/7 via call, email or chat. They provide support even during public holidays. They will guide you with a very friendly attitude.

Final Words on WPEngine review?

All you have to do is pay $29/month (starting plan) or start a 30 day free trial. This trial period is risk free which allows you to test its service before you actually go with it. Although WP engine is costlier than other host providers,every penny spent will be worth it. Only issue you will have here is, you will have to buy it from a third party.
At the end of the day, the quality of the hosting platform is what that matters. If you think your site deserves the best host, then go for WP Engine.

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