We are always attracted to things that are cheap. But that comes with a huge compensation. When you go for cheap products, you ultimately end up with poor quality. Does this apply in case of cheap web hosts too? It is an overwhelming yes. There are lot of reasons to avoid Cheap WordPress Hosting along with Free WordPress Hosting. Below mentioned are few reasons.


1) Limitations: When web hosts are available for a cheaper price, a lot of users will be stacked in a single server. This means, you will have to share resources with other users. Since there will be a huge load on a single database server, it takes time to execute queries and fetch values. This will hugely affect the performance of your site and result in frequent down-time. Also, it is known that WordPress runs on PHP. With cheap hosts, the memory limit is really low and even a simple installation of themes or plugins will fail.


2) Harddisk fails: Generally, the hard disks used in the server are expensive ad they are more efficient and faster than a desktop’s. However, over the time, the performance starts degrading. Thus, the more you use after this time, the more will be damage and loss of data. In case of cheap web hosts, such degraded hard disks are used for a really long time.


3) Slim chance for backups: With established WordPress hosting providers, backups will be taken almost daily. But in case of cheap Cheap WordPress Hosting, there will be little or no backups. If they do let you take backups there will lot of limitations and there are chances of you being charged.


4) Not responsive: There will not be an established platform for support. Also, they are not at all responsive. If you have issues regarding technical aspects, they cannot guide you properly. When you submit a ticket, the response time will be really high.


5) Hidden Costs: Although they charge really less, they charge for certain things you are not aware of. For example, you will be charged for restoration and backups, migration from one service provider to another. Some web hosts might even charge for ticket submission.


6) Unskilled team: Though this might not be always true, for maintaining servers, they will need a technically sound team. However, Free WordPress Hosting hosts cannot afford such skilled technicians and at the end of the day, you get stuck will unskilled technicians.


7) Notices/Errors: There are chances for your website to have traffic at times. Even if the traffic boost is really less, you will immediately get a notice for overuse. If you ignore the notice and continue, there are chances for blocking your site.


8) Security: Free / Cheap WordPress hosting have really low standards of security. So, it is a cake walk for a hacker to breach the security and cause trouble. Also, server will not monitor your sites regularly.

At the end of the day, you need a secure, reliable and fast web hosts. So, always choose quality over price. You can check our list for Top 10 WordPress Hosting Providers, if you are looking for a comparison of Top hosting Companies.