Top 10 WordPress Hosting Companies of 2017

If you want to skip the reading and jump to the comparison of Top 10 WordPress Hosting Companies then click here. We often overlook the most important aspect of the website which is web hosting. Selecting the Best WordPress Hosting for your website is the most important task of a WordPress website. The next is it’s design and development. Our normal tendency is to go with a cheapest hosting so that we can get our business “running” and when we do well, we can buy a good hosting. Let’s stop right there! If you choose a sub-standard hosting, your website will be down or slow most of the times which in turn will affect the website traffic, leading to diminishing traffic in future. So, instead of your Business growing, it will get halted.

Choosing the Fast and Reliable WordPress Hosting Company is as critical a decision as planning to take your Business online. A good WordPress Hosting not only increases website speed, but also boosts SEO which in-turn increase website traffic. Search engines penalise the slow websites and reward the one’s which load fast.

WordPress Hosting is available in various forms such as Shared, Free, VPS, Managed and Dedicated. In this table we have put together the Top 10 WordPress Hosting Providers which are currently available. We have ranked them based upon the server response time, which in-turn determines how fast your website will load. The smaller the server response time, faster will be your website. Yes, there are many other factors determining the website speed, but the server response time is the most critical among them.

The other important factors for choosing a Best WordPress Hosting service is reliability, cost, support, etc.

Our goal with comparison is to offer insights on things you need to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting company. If you need to read a detailed review of any of the hosting company, the click on it’s logo or the “Read Review” button.

Here are the Top 10 WordPress Hosting companies of 2017 compared based upon their speed, performance, cost, support, etc. so that it will help you to make a choice while choosing the Best WordPress Hosting service:
 Host NameResponse TimeCost/month  


mediatemple-honest-hosting-reviewMediaTempleMedia Temple941ms$20

a2-hosting-honest-reviewA2 HostingA2 Hosting978ms$3.92



tmd-hosting-honest-reviewTMD HostingTMD Hosting1.79s$2.85